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5 reasons to visit the French Riviera in 2020 (cancelled because of covid-19)

a harbor filled with lots of small boats in a body of water

1 – Carnival of nice

Chronologically the Carnival of Nice is one of the first major event of the year. It takes place in February for almost two weeks and is very popular among residents and tourists. Millions of euros are invested in the organisation of this event, especially for the safety-related measures. In a few words, the carnival of Nice brings together the young and the old to celebrate a traditional festival that bring every year, more and more people and notice that the prices are more than affordable. Even though its new security system has been criticised for making the wait way too long, the number of spectators and tickets sold has increased and it it an event you shouldn’t miss!

2 – Film Festival of Cannes

This one I’m sure you have heard about! The Film Festival of Cannes, called the International Film Festival until 2002, is a worldwide famous festival and a pillar in the Film industry. The event is organized each year in the late spring and previews new films of all genres, including documentaries from all around the world.
The festival has become, over the years, an important exhibition for European films. Jill Forbes and Sarah Street (important cinema-related book’s authors) argue that Cannes “became…extremely important for critical and commercial interests and for European attempts to sell films on the basis of their artistic quality”. So even if you do not manage to get into the festival, you can at least appreciate the short films later on and just enjoy seeing your favourite celebrities!

3 – Formula 1 Grand prix

Taking place in Monaco the last weekend of May , the Formula 1 Grand Prix is a motor race in the Monaco Circuit. Any motor racing lover known the importance of this event. This race, while being slower than the usual formula 1 races, is unexpectedly difficult. The circuit is much shorter than usual and has tricky turns and represents a challenge for any motor car driver. Even if you’re a newbie in the field, you can fully appreciate the race, so book your places now before it’s too late! And take as well the opportunity to book a tour to see the what the French Riviera has to offer!

4 – Celine Dion is back after 2 years

The Quebec superstar will be back on the French Riviera for a unique concert at the Place du Casino in Monaco on July 18, 2020. After two years of absence, she is back under the spotlights. Tickets will be on sale on November 21st and most certainly won’t last long! Monaco is one of the destinations of her world tour and among her five concerts in France so try not to miss it if you appreciate, even a little, the beauty of music.

5 – Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

Ever heard of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez ? Translated as “Saint-Tropez’s sailboats”, it is a world famous event that takes place in the beginning of September every year since 20 years in the city of Saint-Tropez. It’s a rare and unique moment for lovers of beautiful sails. For a week 300 boats -stunning sailing vessels, often centuries old, with futuristic prototypes- will parade and race to receive a trophy.
About 25 000 people visit Saint-Tropez every day during this event and the figure of 60 000 has even been mentioned when it’s aperitif time in the evening.

And if you happen to travel there, do not miss the fish market ! Indeed, it’s directly open into the port and very popular among tourists. The fish market has become a major institution in the city! The market, that has been providing fish for a century and a half, has kept its authenticity. It’s one of the oldest shopping areas of the town and it kept the same place for 145 years. The fish market is described as a discreet jewel, one of the hearts of the town and the port, livened up by the sea workers.


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