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Film Festival of Cannes

image of hotel Carlton in Cannes

Can an average person get in the Film Festival of Cannes ?

Each year, at the end of spring, takes place one of the most awaited event after the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games – the Film Festival of Cannes.
And who wouldn’t want to take a step on this almost 200 feet long red carpet ? If you were wondering if there was a way to get in the Festival of Cannes, here are some tips:

First of all you can try to get a free ticket, with a lot of patience and a little bit of chance. Indeed the actors and film-makers are all given a certain amount of tickets to get into the Cannes Film Festival, and are penalised if they don’t use them all. So here is your chance! You can head to the entrances of the Palais des festivals and wait there hoping someone will have an extra ticket but make sure you’re dressed up properly, namely a tuxedos for men and ball gowns for women. Tickets have been given away sometimes to well-dressed people waiting there so maybe you’ll be the next lucky one! You can even hold a sigh to be noticed more easily.

The Film Festival’s main objective has always been attracting public attention to the hard work of French and international filmmakers so the other way is to get accredited. In fact if you make a pretty legit short film even if it’s not recognized worldwide, you’re in ! Of course you’ll have to prove it with some contracts. And if you don’t mind spending some money, you can buy a Marche du Film badge (290€) reserved to buyers, sellers and producers, so even if you are not a filmmaker yourself, think of sponsoring one! Being part of the film industry as a buyer or seller gives the highest level of accreditation with access to all festival sponsored events!

Didn’t manage to get in ? You can always get glimpses of celebrities during the Cannes red carpet arrivals and watch it all on the Internet. Besides, if you’re there in this period of the year you can also just enjoy all the cities along the French Riviera, because with or without the festival, the region is beautiful.