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3 Places You Must Visit in Monaco

Monaco by Night Private Tour Image 1

First of all, welcome to Monaco, the world of chic, the Kingdom of sumptuous Casinos, and luxury hotels.

They are a few lovely places that you should visit in Monaco but let’s take a look at the primary 3:

  1. Le Rocher: what a great start, if you are discovering Monaco for the first time, you should walk to “the Rock,” which is the oldest part of Monaco settled on a rock/hill, where you will see the entire Monaco and beginning of Italian Riviera.
  2. The Palace of the Prince & Changing of the Guards: the Palace of the Prince is located on a rock in the open sea, unimaginable beauty. Attend the Changing of the Guards of the Prince every day at 11:55. You can find Princess Grace’s grave at the Cathedral St Nicholas, 1-minute walking from the Palace. Then, to finish with “the Rock,” you should go through the exotic garden to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.
  3. Bedazzled by Monte Carlo Square with its famous Casino, Hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and it’s luxury boutiques. It is the most expensive part of Monaco, where a square meter real estate price is around 80k€. Famous for its Casino Monte Carlo. 

Last but not least, not visiting but only seeing: check out the marina, you will be amazed by the size of the yachts!


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