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French Riviera Tour – Private Full Day Tour

Quick Details

Private Tour Enjoy an exclusive experience at a single rate, ideal for solo or groups up to 6 guests

Dive into the French Riviera with Us!

Ready for a day packed with glitz, history, and secret spots on the French Riviera? We are going to show you the high life and the hidden life, all in one day!

Breakdown of the Day

Monaco: Imagine a world where luxury is the norm: Monaco is that and more. We will show you the royal palace, where big events like royal weddings have happened. We will also visit the Cathedral, where we will share stories about the famous wedding and the tragic car accident that is a significant part of local lore. No trip to Monaco is complete without seeing the Monte-Carlo Casino. And we won’t skip the peaceful St. Martin gardens. And get ready for a cool bonus – we will drive along the famous Monaco Grand Prix race track. That is right, you will be on the same streets where the world’s top race cars zoom by!

Eze Village: This is medieval magic at its best, like a trip back in time – think old stone streets and views that will take your breath away. As you wander, you will uncover the history that crowns Eze as one of France’s most famous and visited villages. For the adventurous at heart, the option to explore the Exotic Gardens awaits, adding an extra dimension of awe to your tour with an 1 hour extension. The vistas are unmatched. And if you want a moment to just soak it all in, we can arrange a stop at the renowned five-star hotel, La Chèvre d’Or, for some relaxation in pure luxury overlooking the Riviera.

Fragonard Perfume Factory: In Eze village, we have also planned a special visit to the Perfume Factory Fragonard. It may seem unexpected in this medieval village, but there is a fascinating story linking the place to the delicate art of perfume-making. You will delve into this scented world and uncover surprising connections to the area’s history during a tour led by Fragonard’s own expert guide.

St. Paul de Vence: This is where history and art live side by side. Big names like Picasso, Matisse, and Chagall used to chill here, and it is easy to see their inspiration. This place is all about the laid-back vibes, cool art, and neat stories from the past. Picture this: we are wandering around the village, popping into galleries, and maybe even watching artists create their next big thing right in front of us. It is the real French art scene – you will practically be part of the masterpiece!

Antibes and Cap d’Antibes – A Grand Finale: We wrap up our tour in the beautiful old town of Antibes. We will talk about legends like Napoleon and take a stroll around the impressive port, with its giant yachts and ancient walls. From there, we will take in the views of the ritzy Cap d’Antibes. This place is as pretty as a postcard, so much so that it’s been painted by Monet himself.

The Full Experience

This is the French Riviera through our eyes. You will get to know why this place is a magnet for the rich and famous, and what makes it tick. You won’t have to worry about missing out or spending time planning – we’ve got it covered. You’ll see the sights, enjoy the stories, and get the lowdown on every must-see spot.

And remember, this is your day, your tour. We can tweak the plan to make it perfect for you. Traffic or a desire to linger a little longer in a spot might change our day slightly, but we will always make sure you get the most out of your time with us.

Ready to explore the French Riviera with no stress and all the best stories? Let’s go make some memories!

This is a private tour with a private certified tour guide, limited to a single booking of up to 6 people.