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Explore Nice : Where to Stay, Visit, and Eat

a large body of water with a city of Nice in the background

Welcome to Nice, a stretch along France’s southeast coast, famous for its blue waters, fancy resorts, and a favorite spot for celebrities. This place is packed with amazing things to do, from chilling on splendid beaches, to exploring art museums.

In this article, you’ll know about the best spots in Nice – the coolest restaurants, the comfiest hotels, and the must-see places that’ll make your trip epic.
Whether you’re into food or cool sights, we’ve got the insider tips to make your holiday memorable.

Places to Go:

The Promenade des Anglais  

A must-visit spot in Nice, famous around the world. It’s where everyone goes to chill out, exercise, or just enjoy a break with awesome sea views.
This cool spot stretches for seven kilometers right by the sea and its pebble beaches. Whether you’re into rollerblading, biking, walking, or running, it’s the perfect place to hang out, soak in the sea as far as the eye can see, and catch sunrises.
Not to mention, there’s a bunch of cool art, shaded spots, and those iconic blue chairs that scream “Nice.” It’s the go-to place for both locals and visitors wanting to enjoy the outdoors and the vibe of the city.

The Port of Nice

A lively spot that extends the famous Promenade des Anglais. It blends in with the city and is a mix of old charm and lively energy. Right in the city’s heart, close to public transport and the tramway, the port is alive with the comings and goings of traditional boats. You can take a walk along the quay and enjoy incredible views of the city’s heritage. There’s also shopping to do and lots of restaurants in the bustling port area where you can grab a bite.
You can also go on sea excursions and rent boats from here. If you’re looking to explore the natural and architectural beauty of the Côte d’Azur, the Port of Nice is your gateway. If you love being on the water, you can even rent a boat right from the Port of Nice, with or without a skipper.

Castle Hill Park

A big green park on top of a hill. A long time ago, there was a castle there, but it was destroyed in 1706. Later, in 1822, the city decided to turn the hill into a park. They added exotic plants, romantic paths, fake ruins, and even a big waterfall with a fake cave by the end of the 1800s. Now, only a few ruins of the castle are left, but the park offers great views over the Bay of Angels. It’s a fun place for everyone, with a big playground for kids, snack bars, and spots to look at the beautiful views of the Promenade des Anglais and the sea. People like to meet there for picnics, sports, or just a relaxing walk. There are telescopes to check out the views up close, and a big artificial waterfall that everyone loves.
To get there, you can take an elevator from the old town. If you’re feeling brave, you can climb up lots of steps, taking breaks to enjoy the views as you go up.


Mont Boron Park

A huge 57-hectare forested park on a hill that sits between Nice and Villefranche. It’s a favorite spot for both serious athletes and casual walkers thanks to its unique plants and amazing views of the French Riviera.

This park offers a nature escape where you can explore on paths through a real Mediterranean forest. It’s said that prehistoric hunters used this area 400,000 years ago. Today, people come here to hike, have family picnics, and enjoy the rare vegetation and stunning views. There are 11 kilometers of walking trails winding through Aleppo pines, holm oaks, wild olive trees, and other regional plants. Some of these plants are very rare and protected.

Mont Boron hill is also known for its beautiful villas, including one owned by Elton John. The hill itself offers a new perspective on Nice’s Old Port and the entire area, including Villefranche-sur-Mer and the Cap-Ferrat peninsula. The park and the historic, well-preserved Fort du Mont Alban at its top are must-see attractions, providing great views and a peaceful forest walk.

Old Town Nice

A super area with lots of markets, tiny streets, and cafes where everyone hangs out. It’s like a big maze of buildings painted in soft colors, old churches, and narrow paths full of shops, restaurants and spots to grab a coffee. You can spend a whole day exploring these cute streets, getting away from the busy parts of the city, or sit at a cafe and watch local life go by. Many locals still live here, hanging laundry between balconies and chatting through windows.

Old Town is squeezed between Castle Hill and the city center, not far from the beach and a walkway by the sea called Quai des États-Unis.
At Place Rossetti, you’ve got to try ice cream from Fenocchio, the most famous ice cream spot in town and see the Sainte Réparate Cathedral, known for its beautiful baroque facade and built in 1699. Inside, you can see the relics of Sainte Réparate.

The Palais Lascaris is this grand old building that’s now a museum you can visit for free, except it’s closed on Tuesdays.

The best way to see Old Town is on foot because the streets are really narrow and mostly for walking only. Cars have a tough time getting around. Although public buses and trams can drop you close by, they can’t take you right inside. Old Town might be quick to cross, but you should really spend at least half a day there to catch all its awesome vibes.


Cours Saleya

Right in the middle of Old Nice and is super popular for its flower market and the sunny spots at bars and restaurants around it.
It’s been a cool place to hang out since the 1800s, even hosting Nice’s Carnival parades once upon a time. Now, it’s always busy, known for selling flowers, fruits, veggies, local crafts, and tasty treats. It’s so colorful and fun that it’s considered one of the top markets in France.

On Mondays, you can find antiques instead. In the summer, there’s a night market with art and crafts that’s perfect for vacation fun. Besides shopping, you can enjoy eating or chilling on the big, sunny terraces. For the best view of everything, go up the Ponchettes stairs for a look at all the action from above.


The Liberation Fruit and Vegetable Market

Is a regular event that’s super popular in Nice. It’s open from January 31st to December 31st, every Tuesday through Sunday from 6 AM to 12:30 PM. This market is a big deal for the locals because you can find a huge selection of quality products under the sunny sky.

There, you can buy fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and even some special items from local producers like honey and cheese. It’s a great place to check out if you’re in the area and want to see where the locals shop and what they eat.



Le Meridien

A 4-star hotel located on the “Promenade des Anglais,” It’s just a 9-minute walk from Avenue Jean Médecin. It’s perfect for travelers interested in culture. The hotel features a jacuzzi, an outdoor pool, and a heated pool.
Guests can enjoy breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant and try Chinese food at the Tô restaurant nearby. 1 Prom. des Anglais, 06046 Nice

Anantara Plaza hotel

The hotel is in an old building from 1848 that looks really grand from the outside. It was made to look new again by some famous designers, mixing old charm with new style. It’s super close to spots like Place Massena and the famous beach walk, Promenade des Anglais. 12 Av. de Verdun, 06000 Nice


The Hôtel Amour

Close to the Promenade des Anglais, it’s a peaceful spot in the Orangers area. The rooms, decorated in pink, blue, or cream colors, are perfect for resting and relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a vacation spot, a weekend getaway, or a family trip, this hotel could be your go-to.
You can chill with spa treatments, enjoy the view at the rooftop bar, work out in the fancy gym, or relax at the beach with a drink. 47 Prom. des Anglais, 06000 Nice


Aston La Scala

It offers an ideal setting right in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes from the beaches on the French Riviera.

Check out their 149 rooms & suites that have views of the Promenade du Paillon and Place Massena. With a restaurant called l’Horloge, a rooftop pool at the Moon Bar, a lounge bar called L’Aston Club, and spaces for meetings and parties that get plenty of natural light. : 12 Av. Félix Faure, 06000 Nice

Hôtel La Pérouse

Hidden on the hilltop of Castle Hill, a unique spot is waiting for you. Behind its sunny facade, where colors dance with the light, the 4-star seaside charm hotel in Nice offers an exceptional experience.

Being super close to the city’s best spots like the Promenade des Anglais, Old Nice, Castle Hill, and Place Masséna is a big plus. It means you can take a break from everything for a weekend or longer, soaking in the Provencal lifestyle and enjoying your own version of the Dolce Vita.

This cozy luxury spot has 53 rooms and suites for a calming stay with views of the sea or gardens. This 4-star boutique hotel with a pool sits in a quiet part of Nice, surrounded by nature. 11 Quai Rauba Capeu, 06300 Nice


Palais de la Méditerranée

This iconic 5-star luxury hotel, sits on the legendary Promenade des Anglais, close to Nice airport. It’s a historic hotel on the French Riviera. You can enjoy an unforgettable stay with views of the Mediterranean Sea and the city center.
13 Prom. des Anglais, 06000 Nice



Chez Marie-Thé

Offers homemade-style local dishes and Niçoise specialties to go. Enjoy treats like socca, pissaladière, stuffed vegetables (petits farcis), daube (beef stew), and cannellonis.

Club Nautique Restaurant

Is perfectly located in the bay of Nice, in a building full of history. It has a terrace with an amazing view of the old port. Sit back comfortably and enjoy dishes with Mediterranean flavors as you look out over the water.
The chef offers traditional French cuisine, made only with fresh, seasonal products, celebrating the Mediterranean in every bite.


Is a place where lovers of Mediterranean cuisine will find happiness in homemade dishes. They serve Niçoise recipes that have been passed down from grandmothers for over twenty-five years, offering the true taste of the local terroir. It’s a perfect spot for your culinary initiation into the Nissart (Nice) region.
Open for lunch and dinner every day, except Wednesdays, both locals and tourists are welcomed with the Provençal accent, grace, and smiles of the entire team. It’s a joy that’s meant to be shared.

Kiosque Tintin

Their special “pan bagnat,” a twist on the traditional recipe with tuna and crispy veggies, and her caramelized onion pissaladière are must-tries. Despite being known for savory dishes, the sweet Swiss chard pie is a delightful finish.
Plus, the sandwiches are both delicious and affordable!

Lu Fran Calin

A mix of Niçoise and Italian cuisine, offering high-quality, flavor-packed dishes. Their menu is full of generous and tasty meals, perfectly located in old Nice for sampling Niçoise specialties. They also have the “Cuisine Nissarde” label, given to restaurants committed to highlighting Niçoise cuisine through authentic recipes, high-quality ingredients, great customer service, and adherence to hygiene and safety standards. A great spot to experience the local flavors!

Le Café de Turin

A seafood restaurant in Nice, has been offering top-quality seafood for over 100 years. Set in a classic brasserie atmosphere, you can enjoy a wide range of seafood dishes. You can also book private rooms in the restaurant. Located on one of the city’s most beautiful squares, Place Garibaldi, right in the heart of the port district, this place is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike.

Lou Pantail

Meaning “The Dream” in Nissart (the Nice dialect), is a reality at this warm, family-run spot. Here, you can enjoy Niçoise and Italian specialties, as well as wood-fired pizzas, both at the restaurant and at home.


Offers a trip back to the roots of Italy and its authenticity: traditional cuisine reinvented with elegance, retro-chic decor, and friendly service from a dynamic and experienced team.
The decor takes you into the Italian “Palazzo” of the 1950s in Florence. Beyond the cozy indoor space, there’s a warm design extending to a secluded sunny terrace with 90 seats, offering sea views through the Ponchettes arches.
Traditional dishes are elegantly and finely reimagined. Starters like Vitello Tonnato, Artichauts alla Giudia Aioli Confit, and Arancini with Piquillos cream are meant for sharing.

Beyond pasta and pizza, there are meat and fish dishes with a choice of sides. Desserts, renowned in the group, round off the menu.
You have to try the beautiful milk flower ice cream with toppings for sharing!

Comme un Dimanche

Is a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch, open everyday except, on Monday and Tuesday. Everything on the menu, from the dishes to the pastries, is homemade using fresh ingredients.


A new sandwich shop nestled in the heart of Old Nice, is already making waves with its best-selling sandwich, the Beef Pastrami. This newcomer to the local dining scene is quickly becoming a favorite among locals thanks to its unique take on classic sandwich offerings.


With its beautiful hotels, incredible sights, and delicious dining options, this guide to  Nice promises an unforgettable journey where every moment feels like a scene from a beautiful dream, inviting you to indulge in the luxury and culture of this sun-drenched paradise.