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Places You Must Visit in Antibes

Antibes & Mountains Alps

First of all, welcome to Antibes, a small village full of fantastic stories!

They are a few lovely places that you should visit in Antibes but let’s take a look at the primary 3:

  1. Plage du Ponteil: a sandy beach. If you are discovering Antibes for the first time, you should walk to, the beach gives a great view to the old Antibes with its medieval wall that surrounds the village, built nearly a thousand years ago, and on the background the French Alps.
  2. Marché Provençal & Museum of Picasso: discover the tremendous provençal market of Antibes every morning, with all kinds of fresh and local food products, berries, exotic fruits. Then, from the market, have a 1-minute walk to reach the museum of Picasso, who spent a few months in Grimaldi Castle in 1946, which later became Picasso’s museum. See some of his arts that he gifted to the municipality of Antibes when he left. The entrance fee for the museum is 6€.
  3. Quai des Milliardaires: a portion of the harbour Vauban, called “billionaires dock”, has some of the best, biggest and more expensive yachts on the world parked time to time, such as Dilbar, owned by a Russian oligarch called A. Ousmanov, which is one of the most the most expensive yachts on the globe, the price….500 Million €
  4. Gelateria del Port: the best gelato on the French Riviera, you will LOVE IT! (personal advice!)