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Monaco by Night Tour

Quick Details

Private Group Up to 7 people. All ages are welcome

Discover the Monaco Nightlife Scene

With this evening private tour, you will discover a multitude of wonders: Monaco, the world of chic, the Kingdom of sumptuous Casinos, and luxury hotels. The medieval history of the breathtaking Eze Village. La Turbie with its Trophy of Alpes and the “dog’s head” secret view.

Discover the “perched” village of Eze (a town on the top of a medieval fortified relief) with its medieval history, its exotic gardens, and its incredible panoramic view!
Discover the statue of Emperor Augustus, also called the Trophy of the Alps of the village of La Turbie and the magnificent view from the heights of the Great Corniche.

Discover the Prince’s Palace of the Principality of Monaco, located on a rock in the open sea, unimaginable beauty. Discover the circuit of Monaco’s famous Formula 1 Grand Prix. Finally, be dazzled by Monte Carlo Square with its famous Casinos, Hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and it’s luxury boutiques. Spend some time at the most famous Casino in the world: Casino Monte-Carlo. Gamble, win some millions and if you eventually become rich, share with us…

Discover Villefranche, the prestigious city and land of retirees from around the world, to enjoy the perfect setting, between culture, sea, tradition, security, and the dream panoramic view, surrounded by Cap Ferrat (or “the Bay of Billionaires”) and Nice. Villefranche houses many residences and villas, including “Leopolda,” the most expensive property in the world on sale for 500 million euros.

This is a private tour with a private tour guide, limited to a single booking of up to 7 people.