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Italy – Dolceacqua & Italian market Private Full-Day Tour

All ages • 8 hours • Family friendly • Water bottle included

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Private Group Experience a truly personalized journey where you receive our undivided attention, ensuring a memorable and exclusive tour.

The best of Menton, either Ventimiglia or Sanremo and Dolceacqua on the Italian Riviera with this full-day excursion with a professional private tour guide

The best of Menton, either Ventimiglia or Sanremo and Dolceacqua on the Italian Riviera with this full-day excursion with a professional private tour guide!

With this full-day private tour, you will discover a multitude of wonders: Menton, a peaceful town with a microclimate, on the border of Italy, known for its lemon festival. Ventimiglia, the first Italian City from the French border, famous for its open-air market. Sanremo, a tourist town, famous for its flower culture, its automobile rally, and its role as the finishing point of the Milan-Sanremo cycling race. The medieval village Dolceacqua which inspired Claude Monet with its old arched bridge built of ancient stones. Its Baroque St. Antonio Church and Castello Dei Doria Castle attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Discover Menton located on the Italian border with the sweetest microclimate of the Côte d’Azur. Built-in Roman times, Menton is known as the City of mimosa, the burning sun, the magnificent gardens, the vast plantations of lemon and orange trees. The palm trees make this City a tropical and green paradise! In February in Menton, you can attend the lemon festival, the largest in the world! The beauty of the old town of Menton, with its narrow streets, St. Michel church built in baroque style and apartments in a thousand and one different colors.

Discover Ventimiglia, very famous for its enormous open market every Friday. It is there that Julius Caesar liked to stop for the rest, returning from Provence. The City can be divided into two parts; on the left of the river, Roya is the modern side, and on the right is the medieval side, also called the upper Ventimiglia. The cathedral of the ascent of Sainte Marie is located in the center of the upper Ventimiglia; it is quite a religious center of the City, which also includes the Baptistery of Jean Crucifier.

Discover Sanremo (Tuesday & Saturday) famous for flower cultivation. In Sanremo, there is a “Corso Fleuri” (Sanremo in flowers), a music festival, a car Rallye, a Milan-Sanremo cycling race, and a brand new mall (outlet). Let yourself be taken by the power of the charm of Italian Provencal life! Sanremo has a market every Tuesday and Saturday.

Discover Dolceacqua, a village overlooking the torrent Nervia, a trip to discover the Ponte Vecchio built of ancient stones, San Antonio the baroque church, the altarpiece St. Devote Ludovic Brea and the Castello Dei Doria. The Ponte Vecchio, with a single arch, spanning the Nervia torrent with a range of over 30 meters, is a technical feat for the time and represents the link between the two neighborhoods of the village. The “Terra” (the upper part) where the remains of the castle are and the lower part “Borgo.” The painter Claude Monet realized two canvases of this bridge, finding it of great lightness.

This tour is limited to a single booking of up to 8 people as it is a private tour with a private tour guide.