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Visit the Most Beautiful Gardens of Monaco

a tree in the middle of a park

Monaco, the second smallest country in the world, is celebrated not only for its lifestyle and beautiful Mediterranean views but also for its idyllic gardens, which are among the most beautiful globally. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast, this beacon of luxury and sophistication is a sanctuary of verdant spaces. The public gardens of Monaco, each with its unique charm and rich history, are integral to the Principality’s charm, providing a tranquil nature’s retreat amidst the urban splendor. These gardens are a visual feast, brimming with Mediterranean flora, and serve as peaceful havens for both residents and travelers, inviting them to explore the tranquility of nature while experiencing Monaco’s renowned elegance. 

The Serene Beauty of the Japanese Garden

Commissioned by Prince Rainier III and masterfully designed by Yasuo Beppu, the Japanese Garden in Monaco is a piece of the East realized in the heart of the Principality. This garden is a meticulous representation of Zen philosophy, integrating traditional Japanese garden elements with the Mediterranean landscape. The collaboration between Monaco and Japanese gardeners ensures a harmonious blend of East and West, where bamboo hedges and Mediterranean pines coexist seamlessly.
Free entry.
5 Av. Princesse Grace, 98000 Monaco.


The Exotic Garden and Its Underground Marvels

Perched on Monaco’s steep cliffs, the Exotic Garden is a stunning outdoor showcase that’s been around since 1933, acting like a cool museum dedicated to nature’s resilience. It’s home to an impressive collection of succulents and cacti, tough plants from dry areas all over the world. But that’s not all; there’s also an Observatory Cave you can check out through guided tours. This cave offers a sneak peek into the prehistoric past, adding an exciting twist of history to your exploration of the garden. It’s a unique spot where you can admire some hardy plants and embark on a mini journey back in time, all in one visit.
Free entry.
62 Bd du Jardin Exotique, 98000 Monaco


Fontvieille Park: A Green Heart in Urban Monaco

Fontvieille Park, nestled around the Big Top circus tent in Monaco, offers a green retreat that blends Mediterranean plants with exotic ones, creating a unique spot for hanging out. The park is super family-friendly, boasting a playground where kids can let loose and a lively pond that adds to the area’s natural charm. It’s the perfect place for families to relax, have fun, and enjoy a mix of nature and culture all in one spot.
Free entry.
Avenue des Guelfes 98000 Monaco


Princess Antoinette Park: A Playground Amidst Olive Groves

Dedicated to the youngest visitors, Princess Antoinette Park is a testament to Monaco’s commitment to providing spaces that cater to children’s enjoyment and learning. The park is a diverse landscape of ancient olive trees, play areas, and sports facilities, all designed to offer recreational and educational experiences. The recent addition of a Zen space and a miniature golf course broadens the appeal, ensuring that the park remains a favorite for families. 

Free entry. 

54 Boulevard du Jardin Exotique 98000 Monaco


The Princess Grace Rose Garden: A Living Tribute

The Princess Grace Rose Garden, created in honor of Princess Grace, blends the classic design of an English garden with the colorful flair of Mediterranean plants. Since its opening, the garden has expanded, now boasting over 315 types of roses. It stands as a tribute to Princess Grace, symbolizing love and memory. The garden is designed to be interactive and welcoming, with informative signs and accessible paths that make exploring and learning about the different roses enjoyable for all visitors. It’s a vibrant space that celebrates its namesake’s legacy in a way that’s both beautiful and educational. 

Free entry.

Av. des Papalins, 98000 Monaco

St Martin Gardens: Monaco’s Oldest Green Refuge

St Martin Gardens, dating back to 1816, provide a panoramic view of the Mediterranean while offering a sanctuary of Mediterranean and exotic plants. The garden’s sculptures, including a notable statue of Prince Albert I, add a cultural dimension to the botanical richness. This garden embodies Monaco’s historical depth and its continuous relationship with nature and art. 

Free entry.

Jardins Saint-Martin 98000 Monaco


Rainier III Zoological Gardens: A Royal Menagerie

The Rainier III Zoological Gardens in Monaco is a rare kind of royal zoo that shows how much Monaco cares about protecting animals. It has a bunch of animals that were either donated or rescued from tough spots, highlighting the country’s dedication to looking after animals and teaching people about them. This zoo isn’t just about seeing animals; it’s about learning from them and understanding the variety of animal life that Monaco supports. It’s a unique spot where you can get up close with nature and see firsthand the efforts Monaco is making in conservation and education. 

Adults: €6, Children: (6–17) €3, Children -6: free.

Pl. du Canton, 98000 Monaco

Square Gastaud: A Nook of History and Harmony

Square Gastaud, in the heart of the Condamine district, blends modern needs with historical charm through its recent update that added an underground car park. Still honoring the square’s namesake, a notable architect from Monaco, it remains a tranquil oasis amidst urban hustle. The square boasts a lovely bandstand and is encircled by olive trees pruned in Tuscan style, offering a serene getaway where history and modernity coexist seamlessly, making it a unique and relaxing space in a lively part of town. 

Free and open access.
Rue des Princes, 98000 Monaco


These gardens not only enhance the ecological and aesthetic landscape of Monaco but also serve as vital lungs for the city-state, offering spaces for relaxation, education, and cultural enrichment. They are emblematic of Monaco’s dedication to preserving natural beauty and biodiversity, providing a lush counterpoint to the urban sophistication that defines the Principality. With free access and designed to be inclusive, these gardens invite everyone to explore and enjoy the serene beauty and diverse botanical richness that Monaco has to offer.


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