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Top 5 Restaurants in Nice in 2023, According to TripAdvisor Reviews.

Salade Nicoise in a plate

Welcome to our guide to the top 5 restaurants in Nice in 2023, according to TripAdvisor reviews. We’ve done the digging for you, so all you need to do is enjoy the flavors and experiences these wonderful eateries have to offer. Plus, there’s a bonus pick at the end you won’t want to miss!

1. Le Millésime

   – Specialties: Mediterranean, Truffle, European

   – Atmosphere: Elegant

   – Must-try: Creamy chocolate with its salted butter caramel with truffle

   – Location: 17 rue Smolett, 06300 Nice (21 min walk from city center)

   – Note: Vegetarian options available. No specific dress code.

   – TripAdvisor: 998 reviews, 5.0 rating, Travellers’ Choice 2023

Le Millésime offers a high-end Mediterranean and European dining experience, specializing in truffle dishes. It’s a prime spot for food lovers looking for a refined vegetarian cuisine. Absolute must!

2. La Cucina Nice

   – Specialties: Italian, Mediterranean, European

   – Atmosphere: Warm, Family-friendly

   – Must-try: Goat cheese salad, Tiramisu

   – Location: 9 rue Commandant Raffalli, 06000 Nice (7 min walk from city center)

   – Note: Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Artistic décor. No reservation needed but can be hard to get in.

   – TripAdvisor: 1272 reviews, 5.0 rating, Travellers’ Choice 2023

This mid-range Italian restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere with a menu that caters to various dietary needs. It’s loved for its friendly vibe and artistic touches.

3. La Route du Miam

   – Specialties: French

   – Atmosphere: Warm

   – Must-try: Whole teal duck stuffed à la royale, potato confit in duck fat

   – Location: 1 rue Molière, 06100 Nice (28 min walk from city center)

   – Note: Excellent value. Supports local producers and uses rare or local ingredients. No reservation.

   – TripAdvisor: 2407 reviews, 5.0 rating, Travellers’ Choice 2023

La Route du Miam is celebrated for its excellent French cuisine at moderate prices, with a focus on quality and local sourcing.

4. Les Amoureux

   – Specialties: Mediterranean, Pizza, South Italian

   – Atmosphere: Family-friendly, Warm, Casual

   – Must-try: Pizza Nanninella

   – Location: 1 rue Bavastro, 06300 Nice (21 min walk from city center)

   – Note: Vegetarian and vegan choices. Heart-shaped pizzas for women. No reservation needed.

   – TripAdvisor: 2488 reviews, 5.0 rating, Travellers’ Choice 2023

The best pizzas in Nice. Les Amoureux stands out for its relaxed South Italian dining, offering special heart-shaped pizzas in a casual setting.

5. L’Alchimie Restaurant

   – Specialties: French, Mediterranean, Healthy

   – Atmosphere: Warm, Friendly, Terrace

   – Location: 14 rue Maccarani, 06000 Nice (9 min walk from city center)

   – Note: Recognized in culinary awards and gastronomic guides.

   – TripAdvisor: 208 reviews, 5.0 rating, Travellers’ Choice 2023

L’Alchimie Restaurant offers a cozy bistro vibe with a menu that blends French and Mediterranean flavors perfectly. It’s a gem for those seeking a delightful and healthy meal.

Each of these restaurants provides a unique taste of Nice, catering to various preferences and dietary needs. From elegant dining experiences to casual brunch spots, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Nice!

Diving deeper into our curated selection, it’s worth noting the sheer volume of positive feedback each restaurant has garnered. With hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of reviews, these dining spots stand out as pillars of excellence in Nice’s culinary scene. This overwhelming endorsement from diners around the world isn’t just numbers; it’s a testament to the quality, ambiance, and the unique culinary experiences these establishments offer. You can step into any of these recommended restaurants with confidence, knowing that they have been tried, tested, and loved by many before you.

Moreover, what sets these restaurants apart isn’t just their exceptional food but also their commitment to creating memorable dining experiences. Whether it’s the heart-shaped pizzas offered to women at Les Amoureux, the décor that sets the stage for a meal at La Cucina Nice, or the support for local producers and rare ingredients at La Route du Miam, each restaurant brings something special to the table. These details contribute to not just a meal, but a story that you’ll be eager to share.

As your local guides, we encourage you to explore the diverse tastes and atmospheres that our top picks have to offer. Whether you’re a fan of sophisticated Mediterranean flavors, cozy Italian dishes, or the hearty essence of French cuisine, there’s a seat waiting for you in Nice. Remember, it’s not just about eating; it’s about experiencing the heart and soul of our beautiful region through its food. Bon appétit!

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