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The Five Places Foodies Must Eat In The French Riviera

As a tour guide and a proud French man, it breaks my heart to see tourists eating at burger places or overpriced tourist restaurants while they are on holiday. French food is much more than the actual food on the plate; it is the atmosphere of the restaurant, the way we take time over a…

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June 15, 2020

The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix

Due to Coronavirus Covid-19, unfortunately, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020 has been cancelled, but anyways, let’s learn more about it. You don’t need to be a huge fan of motor racing and race cars to fully enjoy the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula 1 motor race…

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April 14, 2020

3 Places You Must Visit in Monaco

First of all, welcome to Monaco, the world of chic, the Kingdom of sumptuous Casinos, and luxury hotels. They are a few lovely places that you should visit in Monaco but let’s take a look at the primary 3: Le Rocher: what a great start, if you are discovering Monaco for the first time, you should walk…

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December 12, 2019