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Cannes Film Festival: A Cinematic Journey through Glamour and Innovation

a large clock mounted to the side of a building in Cannes

Cannes Film Festival

Overview of the Cannes Film Festival

The History and Significance of the Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, known in French as the Festival de Cannes, is more than just an annual film festival; it’s a globally recognized event that showcases and celebrates cinematic artistry.The Mostra juries were influenced by Hitler and Mussolini to change the award winners at the last minute to favor a Nazi propaganda film. The French diplomat and historian Philippe Erlanger is planning to organize a festival without any restrictions, because he is upset by the events. This idea became official when the Minister of National Education, Jean Zay, supported and approved it. The very first International Film Festival should have taken place in Cannes on September 1, 1939, at the same time as the Venice Festival.

Everyone was super excited about it. But then, on that very day, something big happened – Germany invaded Poland. This was a huge deal because it marked the start of World War II. Just two days later, on September 3, France and Britain had to declare war on Germany. Because of all this chaos and war starting, the Cannes Festival, which was just about to begin, had to be stopped before it even really started. It was a tough time, and the festival, unfortunately, became one of the many events that couldn’t happen due to the war.

The International Film Festival started after the war, and it was a big deal for movies all over the world.In July 1945, Philippe Erlanger from France, started a new idea with the new leader of French movies. However, the government of France and the city of Cannes were no longer able to afford this cost. they needed to raise money from the public to make the first edition happen.

In September 1946, there was a big party to celebrate the first film festival in Cannes. Even though there were some problems with the equipment, it was the start of a successful time for Cannes and the festival became an important place for countries that make movies.

For a long time, Cannes has been a great place to find new movie makers who are really good at telling stories in different ways. Lots of movies shown first at Cannes have become very popular and successful all over the world. The festival is also known for being very picky about which movies they show, making sure they are only the best ones.

The Film Festival is more than just movies; it’s a big event where famous people from the movie world come together. Directors, actors, people who make movies, and writers from many different countries meet up to see new kinds of movies being made and talk about what movies might be like in the future. The festival is also a place where people who make movies, sell movies, and put money into movies can meet each other, make business deals, and plan to work together on movies that will be shown around the world.

Cannes Film Festival: Dates and Location

Traditionally held in May, the Cannes Film Festival takes place in the beautiful city of Cannes, located on the French Riviera. The primary venue is the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, a famous building known for its red carpet and the iconic steps where celebrities and filmmakers make their grand entrance.

The festival happens in late spring, which is perfect because it’s sunny and the sea looks really blue. It’s also just before summer, which is an important time for movies all around the world. During the festival, Cannes is super busy and fun. It’s all about movies. You’ll see lots of signs for the festival, and everyone is excited to see what will happen. The festival being in Cannes makes it extra special. It shows that the festival and the city are really good together. This has made Cannes a really important place for both culture and visiting people from other places.


Highlights of the Current Year

Notable Films and Screenings

This year, at the Cannes Film Festival, there were lots of awesome movies shown by both movie makers who are already famous and those who are just starting to make movies. Among these, “The Zone of Interest” by Jonathan Glazer, was notable for its creative storytelling and stunning filming.

Another highlight was “The Mother of All Lies”, a thought-provoking documentary directed by Asmae El Moudir which received a standing ovation for its powerful message and artistic execution.

The festival also premiered several highly anticipated films, such as “The Pot-au-Feu” directed by Tran Anh Hung, which received the Best Director award. This film is set in 19th-century France and beautifully portrays the shared passion between a celebrated gourmet and his cook of nearly two decades.

Another notable film by a first-time director featured at the Cannes Film Festival 2023 is “Bên Trong Vỏ Kén Vàng (Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell)” by Thien An Pham. This film stood out for its distinctive storytelling and captivating narrative, impressing the audience with its fresh and unique perspective.

The festival has special movie showings at midnight and also shows old classic movies. This lets young people watch old movies in a theater. The different kinds of movies this year were really good and showed how much the festival loves to celebrate the art of cinema.


Behind the Scenes

How Films are Chosen for the Festival

Picking films for the Cannes Film Festival is a big job. Imagine having to watch thousands of movies from all over the world and choosing only a few! That’s what a special group of movie experts does every year. They are made up of people who know a lot about movies, like critics and filmmakers.

When they look at a film, they think about many things. Is the story told in a new and interesting way? Are the actors good? How is the film made? They pick movies that are really well made and also different or new in some way. It’s not just about finding good movies, but also about finding movies that bring something new and exciting to the world of film.

Putting Together a Big Film Event

Organizing the Cannes Film Festival is like putting together a huge puzzle. It’s not just about showing movies. The festival has to set up big screens, find places for all the movie stars and guests to stay, and plan lots of different events, like parties and award ceremonies.

A lot of people work together to make the festival happen. They have to think about every detail: from making sure the films are ready to show, to keeping the event safe and fun for everyone. It’s like planning a big party, but for thousands of people who love movies. They make sure that everything runs smoothly, so everyone who comes to the festival can have a great time watching films and meeting people from the movie world.

The Red Carpet Experience

Fashion Highlights from the Red Carpet

The red carpet at Cannes is like a big fashion show. All the famous actors and filmmakers wear their best outfits to walk down the red carpet. It’s a place where you see beautiful dresses and sharp suits. Photographers take pictures of everyone’s clothes, and people all over the world talk about who wore what. Some outfits are really fancy and others are very unique. Every year, people look forward to seeing the amazing fashion on the red carpet at Cannes.

Celebrity Appearances and Interviews

When celebrities walk the red carpet,  they don’t just show off their clothes. They also stop to talk to reporters. These interviews are a chance for the stars to talk about their movies and what they are excited about at the festival. Sometimes, they share stories about making the films or what they think about other movies at Cannes. It’s not just actors and directors who do this; all kinds of famous people from the movie world give interviews. This is a fun part of the festival because it lets everyone hear directly from the celebrities and get to know them a bit better.

Awards and Recognitions

Major Awards and Winners

At the Cannes Film Festival, winning an award is a big deal, much like earning a gold medal in the movie world. Among the several prestigious awards, the most famous is the “Palme d’Or,” or “Golden Palm” in French. This iconic award, held high by legendary directors like Fellini, Coppola, Haneke, and Kurosawa, has been a big sign for more than 70 years. It’s awarded to the best film in the official competition selection. Today, the Palme d’Or is more than just a special sign. It’s a beautifully made prize, created by many skilled people who spend almost 40 hours working on it with great care. This amazing Palme d’Or trophy is made by hand in the Chopard workshops in Switzerland. There are also other big awards at the festival for the best actor and actress, the best director movie, and best scenario. If someone wins any of these awards, it means they did something really amazing in making movies. It shows everyone who did the best job in movies that year.

Emerging Talent Spotlight

Cannes isn’t just about famous movie stars and directors. It’s also a place to find new talent. There’s a special part of the festival that shines a light on people who are just starting in the film industry. This could be their first big movie or maybe they’ve done something really different and exciting. The festival gives these new talents a chance to show their work to the world. It’s exciting because you might be seeing the next big star or director for the first time. These new talents get a lot of attention during the festival, which can help their careers a lot.

Exploring Cannes During the Festival

Discovering Cannes with a Private Tour

Visiting Cannes during the film festival is super exciting! Imagine walking around a city full of movie stars and cool film events. But there’s more to Cannes than just movies. Why not take a private tour to see all the great places in the city? A private tour means you and your family or friends can have a guide all to yourselves. They can show you hidden spots, tell you fun stories about the city, and maybe even show you where famous movie stars hang out! Plus, you get to see beautiful beaches, try yummy food, and explore neat places that you might not find on your own.


What Else to Do in Cannes During the Festival

Apart from watching movies and seeing famous people on the red carpet, there’s a lot more fun stuff to do in Cannes. If you like shopping, there are lots of fancy shops where you can buy cool things. You can also visit museums to learn about the history of Cannes or go to parks and relax under the sun. Don’t forget to try some delicious French food at the local restaurants! And if you want to have some beach time, Cannes has some beautiful beaches where you can play in the sand and swim in the sea. With a private tour guide, you can make sure to see all the best parts of Cannes during your visit!

The Impact of the Festival

How Cannes Earns Money and Learns New Things

The Cannes Film Festival is a huge event for the city, almost like a giant celebration. It’s a time when tons of people come to watch films, and this is great for businesses in Cannes. For example, hotels often get fully booked because so many people need a place to stay. Restaurants are bustling with guests who want to try delicious French food. Even local shops see more customers buying souvenirs or fancy clothes.But the festival isn’t just about making money. It’s also about bringing new ideas and different cultures to the city. Imagine people from countries like Japan, Brazil, or South Africa, all coming to Cannes. They bring their unique stories, movies, and ways of seeing the world. For example, a filmmaker from Japan might show a movie that tells a story about life in Tokyo, which could be really different from life in France. This helps people in Cannes learn about other places and cultures.

During the festival, there are also discussions and meetings where filmmakers and movie fans talk about important topics, like how to make movies better or how movies can help people understand each other. These conversations can lead to new ideas in filmmaking or start new trends in movies. The Cannes Film Festival is not just fun and exciting; it’s also a place where the city can earn money and where people can learn about and share different cultures and ideas from around the world.

How the Festival Helps Movies All Over the World

The Cannes Film Festival is like a giant showcase for movies from all corners of the world. It’s a place where films that might not be well-known get a chance to shine. For example, a unique story told by a new director from South Korea can be discovered at Cannes. These films, which might not have big budgets or famous actors, can become very popular because they’re shown at the festival.

A great example is a movie from a country like Iceland. Usually, not many people outside of Iceland might see it. But at Cannes, this movie could be watched by hundreds of people, including movie reviewers and other filmmakers. If they like it, they might write about it or show it in their own countries, making it famous worldwide.

The festival also creates opportunities for people who make movies to meet and talk to each other. Imagine a writer from India meeting a producer from France at Cannes. They might decide to work on a new movie together, combining their different ideas and styles. This kind of collaboration can lead to exciting new films that are different from what we usually see.

Cannes is really important because it helps bring out new movies that might not be made otherwise. It gives filmmakers, especially those just starting or from smaller countries, a chance to show their work to the world and make their dreams of making movies come true.


The Cannes Film Festival is a lot more than just movies. It turns Cannes into a really exciting place full of cool stuff about movies, fashion, and art. There’s so much to see and do, from the shiny red carpet where all the stars walk, to the stunning beaches, tasty food, and interesting history. If you truly want to  experience the magic of Cannes during the festival season, a guided tour with UniqueTours Riviera is a must. We have super knowledgeable guides who will show you around all the best parts of the festival and the city, places that only people who live there know about. It doesn’t matter if you just love movies or if you’re into seeing new places and trying new things,

Cannes has something special for everyone. And with UniqueTours Riviera, your trip will be even better. So, why not book a tour and get ready for an amazing time in Cannes, the most exciting place to be during the festival!


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